Full Time Secondary School

The St. Augustine Community College is committed to providing the best possible education to all its students by focusing on healthy development of all aspects of mind, body and spirit. At the same time, by integrating concepts of technology, communication, management, teaching skills, discipline and good old-fashioned hard work, we have been able to secure pass rates that place SACC as one of the top-ranked private schools in the country.


Forms 1, 2 & 3

For this age group the focus is on traditional academic development - all the traditional academic subjects are delivered, together with studies of the environment, human values and technology.


Forms 4, 5

At this stage, focus is on syllabus completion and exam preparation for CSEC examinations while still maintaining a healthy level of awareness of all aspects of human development. Study school and revision workshops are conducted for exam preparation. Biology, Chemistry, Physics, P.O.A., P.O.B., Information Technology, Geography, Mathematics, Add Maths, English A, Office Administration, H.S.B., Social Studies. Other subjects such as Spanish, History, Economics and English B may be available in some years.


CSEC Repeater Program

Special provisions are made for CSEC repeaters, with focus on intensive revision and exam preparation.


Form Six - CAPE

Form Six CAPE programs are offered in some years, and almost all subjects are included.


Frequently Asked Questions


 What is the school policy if a teacher is absent?

A substitute teacher is provided to ensure continuous and productive use of time.


 What are the school hours for Full-Time Students?

School hours are typically from 7:30 am - 2:00 pm for Forms 1 - 5. Students are  required to arrive by 7:25 am. Extended additional hours may be required for Form 5 students. These hours are from 2:15 pm to 3:30 pm. Parents are typically notified in writing of all extended hours. When there are full-time form 6 programs, schedules may differ according to classes selected. In this case, parents are issued a copy of the individual time-table.


 Are the premises/classrooms monitored?

Camera monitoring is present in all areas for security, discipline, management, observation and class productivity. All classrooms are Monitored by Camera and have two-way Intercom Access.

 What are the Cafeteria Times?

Students are only allowed to access the cafeteria during recess and lunch periods. These times are indicated on the official school time-table.

 Can Students leave the premises?

Students are not allowed to leave the premises during school hours. Students may only leave during school hours if accompanied by a parent or on presenting valid written request. Parents may be contacted by phone for verification. A record of is usually kept by security of all such departures.

 How does the college communicate with Parents?

The college communicates with Parents usually in writing, by phone, by email or by text or any combination. Copy of homework assignments are sometimes emailed to parents.

 How often are Parents required to visit the college?

Parents are required to attend Parent-Teacher conferencing usually at the end of each term, and sometimes at mid-terms. Parents will be notified of the exact dates each term.

 How does the college assess students?

Typically, students are assessed continuously, but are formally tested at mid-term and at the end of each term. Written test reports are distributed at these times. Note though, for students in Forms One through Four, the second term is assessed by way of course work only.

 What are School's Opening & Closing Dates?

The school observes the same opening dates, closing dates and school holidays according to the schedule provided by the Ministry of Education. The college does not give a holiday for Tutors Day however and students are required to attend school on that day.

 What is the school policy in the event of power outages or water shortages?

School activities should not be disrupted during these situations. Independent generators provide electricity during power outages and generous storage ensures  constant water supply.

 Does the college register students for CSEC and CAPE Examinations?

YES - The college  registers students for CSEC and CAPE Examinations.

 How do I get to the college?

The college is 5 minutes walking distance from the Eastern Main Road and 6 Minutes walking distance from the Priority Bus Route (U.W.I. St. Augustine stop). Traffic flows in both directions on Warner St. however traffic is restricted to one way access northbound on Wilson St. during the hours of 7 am - 9 am and 2 pm - 4pm Mondays to Fridays. Please view the map provided.